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Management level Personnel

We have a dedicated cell to select, recruit employees at all management levels, across all Functions, Departments or Divisions. We select Candidates for executive to Sr. Management level.

Managerial Support personnel

This specialized cell selects and recruits the People mainly in the area of Executive Secretaries, Administrative & Accounts Level too.

Head – Hunting Search Facility

This is a well-known fact that some of the best talent respond more favorably to a person-to-person approach. We are specialized in this search facility. Our research team constantly keeps a close watch on the movements of high profile executives and maintains the personal r

Computerized Data Bank

We have a large data bank, from which we recommend the people who fit the desired profile to the best. The extensive data bank is updated regularly. Our data bank is computerized and hence helps in finding the right and quick search to match the profile and your immediate requirements. It reduces the time, lead in searching the large manually maintained data bank otherwise.

Confirmation of References

Once the candidate is finalized by the client, we offer additional service of checking up on references, before the issue of appointment letter. Our concern is to ensure that the best person is hired-not simply in placing a candidate.

Mode of Payment

We collect payment from the client’s side i.e. 8.33% of the per annum salary of the recruited Candidates. This amount almost same as the first month salary of the Candidate. The Invoice will be raised within 7 days of each Appointment. In case the recruited candidate leaves the firm before three months we shall make necessary replacement with suitable candidate at free of cost.

Desire is the fuel to search for new horizons and we use it for you to find a good one. "We work with you, for you"